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Wild by Catalyst

Wild - Catalyst (@party 2019)

Hey, impakt here with another Vulkan production for you!
This time entirely rendered via GPU raytracing! No draws (or RTX) required. ;) Just pure compute shaders.
Tested on AMD and Nvidia, not sure about Intel support. Took a lot of optimization to get this stuff running reasonably well.
Still not happy with the shadow performance, but it’ll have to do for now. The primary visibility performance is quite good in my opinion! :)

Hey. qwyn here! The art for this demo was super fun! I think I may coin the term "fractal low poly."
All models were made only using triangles. I'll keep my secrets on how. :P
Used Blender for models and animation. Still learning though!

Ella572 here ...I make deadlines. I’m probably the least technical one here, but I jump in where I can to help test camera tools, make a few greets,
suggest camera cuts, or, more importantly, refocus random or highly technical discussions to keep us all on task. We shipped!
And we almost didn’t have to get down to the wire (darn export bugs…).

I’m TorvusBug, I wrote the music. It’s a full symphonic score which I created using Dorico 2.
The playback engine is NotePerformer, which can take your articulated sheet music and turn it into well-sounded instrumentation,
so I didn’t have to spend most of my time fidgeting with a sampling library like EastWest (which I used in Sands of Time).

Also, huge thanks to DrClaw for organizing @party 2019 from all of us in Catalyst!

impakt - code, sync
qwyn - art, direction
TorvusBug - editor code, music
Ella572 - production
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