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cUBIc by Bitbendaz

				. .cUBIc. .

A PC-demo by Bitbendaz for Flashback 2019.

.system requirements.
This demo has been developed and tested on a Dell XPS 15 with a GTX 1050ti card. Using this or a similar machine will give you ~25 FPS.
It has also been tested on a P4 i7 4GHz machine with a GTX 980 card where the demo will run in 60 FPS.
We have only tested it on Windows 10.

Start the demo from the commandline to us windowed mode (parameter windowed) and reduce quality by setting mode=low.
By default it runs in fullscreen.

Code and visuals: Stalvik
Music: My2g
Logo: Optic

This is our first PC production and therefore the most of the work with this demo has been about getting some tooling up & running.
We started the development the 4th of February and a lot of scenes was changed during development, leaving us with a lot of unused effects :)
There's no demo engine or such used, we have our own tooling. One of the most problematic things during the development was to get the demo running on the GTX 980 graphics card.
The GTX 1050 card seems to be much more forgiving compared to the GTX 980 card which forced us to do a lot of refactorings/rewrites of shaders.

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