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Invaders game in 512 bytes (boot sector or COM file)
by Oscar Toledo G. Jun/04/2019


This a game recreating the Invaders game in 512 bytes, that can be
run as a COM file or put into a boot sector of a floppy disk to be

Move with keyboard arrows to left and right, press Space to shoot.

As it uses the PUSHA/POPA instructions it only works in 80286 and

A small video of the game running over emulation:


If you want to assemble it, you must download the Netwide Assembler
(nasm) from www.nasm.us

Use this command line:

  nasm -f bin invaders.asm -Dcom_file=1 -o invaders.com
  nasm -f bin invaders.asm -Dcom_file=0 -o invaders.img

Tested with VirtualBox for Mac OS X running Windows XP running this
game, it also works with DosBox and probably with qemu:

  qemu-system-x86_64 -fda invaders.img

Enjoy it!
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