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Reading in Between the Lines by Molive

Reading in Between the Lines.
Written by John Hunter, sung by Jess Pines.

I came up with the idea that you could use macros to write a song one day, and I used the SA-1 to mix lots of channels together. I roped Jess in before I'd written any code (Thank goodness she decided I knew what I was talking about)

This demo went under a lot of debugging the week before Revision, see https://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=18708

I'd like to thank my College, who let me record vocals (despite not quite understaning why), The SNESDEV forums for helping me debug this code, and of course Jess for being an amazing singer (and friend <3)

...tbh I'm not sure what I'm really meant to put in this but I'd also like to mention that the SCENE RULES

Source code is 2GB, will be uploaded seperately

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