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Tiny Sound Planet by Eos & LNX [web] & Titan [web]

LNX, EOS, Fnuque, Desire, TRSi, Alcatraz, Bluflame and TiTAN proudly present:

TINY SOUND PLANET - An 'Executable Music Sources' Project
Released at Outline Demoparty in Willemsoord, The Netherlands, 27th May 2017

- 7+ Demoscene music artists
- 93 tracks (nearly 5 hours of music)
- 75 .exe tracks
- 85 track sources with over 600 instruments for Oidos, Clinkster, Quiver, 4klang
- over 2 weeks of painstakingly intense backup hdd and scene.org file digging
- neat musicdisk interface!

xtrium:			Code, Design, 3D, and MUSIC!
SunSpire:		Idea & Concept, MP3 Recordings, File Arrangement, 3D (Lego), and MUSIC!
CONS:			Lots of MUSIC!
Punqtured:		Lots of MUSIC!
Triace:			Lots of MUSIC!
Virgill:		Lots of MUSIC!
xTr1m:			Lots of MUSIC!
RbR:			YMVST lead in one of the tracks!

Please note: This is the original party release, it may contain a few bugs and some duplicate instruments.
The musicdisk player requires Windows 10! (all mp3 files can still be listened to without it, however)
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