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Something blue by Horology

A couple of Revisions ago, I picked up "The Masters of Pixel Art" from Prowler. What a book! I'm not much of an oldschool guy, but these images kept kicking around in my brain, especially the beautifully drawn group logos. So the idea of this production was born: I wanted to create a logo of my own group, inspired by the pixel art aesthetic, but integrated with the modern techniques I use.

So I designed the logo and drew it up using bezier curves in Inkscape. I wrote a converter to get the data into a shader, where it could be rendered as a 2d distance field. On top of this I applied a Newton iteration to the distance function and traced the orbit of each pixel, which gives a nice Newton fractal that follows the shape of the letters. Then I just added some lighting and some trickery.

Greets to all sceners new and old, no matter on which platform you're coding! And special thanks to Seven, who is always there to fix all the technical problems I make for myself. I wouldn't have gotten back into the scene without you!

-- Algorias
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