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Mantichora by Architect & Alcatraz [web]

                                            ▀     ▀     ▀  ▀ ▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀

                        an 8k intro by ARCHITECT & ALCATRAZ                    

Windows, Nvidia, OpenGL 4.5.
                  ______ ___ _____ ___ _ _____ ___ ____ _ __ _

.....:. Credits .:.....

    merry.............: code, visuals, direction, tools.
    biovf.............: post-processing fx.
    Virgill...........: music.
    galloscript.......: additional code, tools.

        Blueberry, Mentor.....: Crinkler.
        gopher, pOWL..........: 4klang.
        llb...................: ShaderMinifier.
:...:.: Greets  :.:...:    

    shash^Collapse, slack^Collapse, winden^network, tag^none, wisefox, min^M&M,
    grx^PandaCube, iq^RGBA, JamQue^TPM, all people at Pöuet and ShaderToy, and 
    to our all-time classics Mercury, Phenomena, Conspiracy, Silents,  Fulcrum, 
    Titan, Altair, RGBA, DMA, Cocoon, Farbrausch, Fairlight, Stravaganza,  TBL, 
    TBC, Loonies, Prismbeings and many others we forgot.
..:..:. Comments.:..:..
    merry: I want to thank Magda, JM & David that helped me a lot with their 
    unconditional patience, love and support. Also to Virgill for  accepting to 
    contribute to this humble intro with that fantastic tune! Has been an honor 
    to have you here!

    biovf: I want to thank Sara for her love, support and for always bringing 
    out the best in me. Also want to thank Hugin^Singularity and Jeenio.
    galloscript: I want to thank you iq for its awesome procedural content 
    tutorials; ShaderToy and its contributors and users for sharing so useful 
    knowledge; TexGraph for being an incredible tool for testing my material 
    ideas (99% of them  discarded as usual); merry and Architect for letting me 
    collaborate in this intro. TexGraph mention is actually a joke, I am the 
    proud author of it! Download & share: https://galloscript.itch.io/texgraph.
    Virgill: Greetings to Abyss, Rebels, Insane, Deadliners, Lemon., Haujobb, 
    Abyss Connection, Oxygene, Prismbeings, Logicoma, 5711, Desire, Eos and all 
    the others.    
                  ______ ___ _____ ___ _ _____ ___ ____ _ __ _

    ..:..:.. Final version coming some day in a galaxy far far away ..:..:..    

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