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NoColor by Speccy.pl [web]

------------=== NO COLOR ===----------------
         Sir David / speccy.pl

             1st place at
        SPECCY.PL PARTY 2019.1
     SAM Coupe 4k Intro Competition

           SAM Coupe 256k
Code:          Sir David
Music:         Pyramex (guest), Sir David

Technical notes:

Program uses graphics modes 1 (same as ZX Spectrum)
and 2 (close to Timex multicolor) with no hardware acceleration:
no DMA, no sprites, no Blitter, no CRTC or ANTIC capablities.

This is my first try of limited space intro.
It turned out that I used only ~2.5 of 4 kB.
It should fit in 2kB with some optimizations.
Compressed with LZX Packer by Busy soft & hard.

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