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Happy2019 by The Deadliners [web]

Deadliner's Happy 2019

This is just a little thing without any claim or ambition but to wish you a very happy Year 2019

Running the demo:
- WebGL needs to be enabled by your browser
- To run locally (not online), XMLHttpRequest needs to be allowed by your browser

- Music: Bernd Hoffmann (Dascon)
- Code: Frederic Condolo (Soundy)
- Graphics: Carlos Pardo (Made)

- The code is released under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt). Some shader utility functions were taken from various Shadertoy artists
- Always distribute this demo with its readme and license files
- Pictures: 
  ==> "battle-ship.png", "battle-ship_RED.png", and "AD.JPG" are Copyrighted (C) by Carlos Pardo (Made)
  ==> "background1.jpg" was taken from Google Images, author unknown, may be subject to copyright
- Fonts:
  ==> "Montserrat" font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. See file "OFL.txt" in the "Montserrat" folder
  ==> "Minecraft" font is a free font by  "Craftron Gaming"

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