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Something rotten in the state of video compo rules by ExHouse & Youth Uprising

Entry: Something rotten in the state of video compo rules
Group: ExHouse & Youth Uprising

Party: TRSAC 2018
Compo: Video / Animation

Code: Waffle
Music: Squeek

How to run

- Execute "RUN_VLC.bat".
- BAT file expects to find vlc in command prompt. If VLC is not in the command prompt's PATH, drop the production to the same directory with vlc.exe.


- (Windows) VLC 3.0.0 or newer
- Direct3D 9 /w Pixel Shader 3.0 support


TRSAC 2018 compo rules for Animation / Video compo:
    Acceptable formats: Whatever VLC can play properly
    Please include an info file

...Sounded like an invitation for stretching the compo's rules, so we've decided to make a 64KB intro utilizing only vanilla VLC.

Since category for "VLC demo/intro" is non-existing we imposed a few artificial limits in the challenge:
- Vanilla VLC: no extra plugins must be used; only out-of-box capabilities.
- No extra OS hackery that isn't supported by VLC. I.e. no archive droppers or executables that would calculate stuff as that would ruin the fun in the intro category. I.e. the whole thing must be executed by VLC.
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