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Monolife by Hatha [web]

m o n o l i f e 
by hatha

the win32 version

The best intro ever made by hatha now for the current pc-gaming platform.
To run this you need a pc running win95/98/2000 with directX 7.0
Since this intro is anno 1997 it is 100% software rendering so no 3dhardware is needed.

Everything is calculated in real-time.

The intro competed at takeover'97 in the intro competition where it received the third price.
The original version was a DOS executable with a filesize of 61,814 bytes. 
It used a Gravis Ultrasound for the music. (Data,music,code and soundsystem were all 
incorporated in the single executable file)
After the release of this intro, democoding for the pc platform changed rapidly. Vesa2.0,
Windows,Linux,Direct3D,DirectDraw,Directsound and OpenGL became main standards. 
Yes, DOS is realy dead now. (Drop a tear now please)

Nevertheless, have fun.


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