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Shoong by Hatha [web]

  Shoong .. Dah Demo fr† HATHA ...

reqs :
        486+ (Cause We used BSWAP !)
        gus with 512k for music...(SET your Ultrasnd envi. var. properly !)
            or NoSound
        8 Mb internal shit..


        Seppe - Code, Music, text & textures..
        Hypercube - pics, some textures, font & text
        Mrlogic - Player
        Plan9 - VrTimer and IpTable
        Tran&Daredevil - PmodeW 1.32

        most samples were ripped from dune..
             (sorry.. maybe some beer will make up ;))


        Since a lot of guys enjoy this shit we shall give some..

        The whole demo is coded in the flat,c model from tasm and using
        only tasm with pmodew as dos-extender.(wow it's great !)

        Almost no fx are pentium optimized. (shame on you Seppe!). So cache
        misses will blow your ears of..

        Syncing (like all those cute flashes) is done by the player. We
        inserted the Wxy command in MrLogic's playmate (Great Player !) and
        when the player hits a Wxy, the demo will respond with sync-routine xy

        Music can be get out of the demo by starting the demo with : demo m

        The demosys has got a neat console.. find it ;)
                (Beware, democrashes can occur !)

oi.. that's it read HATHA.DOC for more info..

signed..The Future Crew..

(Screw The Future Crew !!!!) :)) no offense..
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