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The Project Infofreak by optimus

This is supposed to be a wild demo contribution for ReAct2002, just to feel that I have released any piece of tiny shit, no matter how much crap it is..

Credits: Old qbasic code by Optimus, found old prehistoric/prethepoorfreak sources and stuff and decided to release them as they are jff.
Credits: Ffix.com, an ultracool tiny asm programm, which boosts Qbasic fpu from it's old lame speed to powa or something, by v1ctor [av1ctor@yahoo.com.br]
Credits: I used ffix to speed up the rotation in first part. It's unoptimized, optimized for fast float only. I can do an integer version, since I had done rotozoomers, but was bored to work on it and grabbed my old code instead..
Credits: The part with the head is more new code than the old Project Infofreak sources..
Credits: Don't be scared if you read Iamtired.txt, it was a crazy delirium mental drunken stuff or something,. I even write crazy in here sometimes..

To the orgos:
Run runme.bat
It will run ffix.com and then infofrek.exe
In the last part with the sky colors and the computer guy, you can press escape after one whole day loop, this means when you see the message "That's all folks". Else it loops for ever...


P.S. I just hope for something more serious in next greek demoparty as you do I guess! (I know that people loves me, aint ya?! ;)
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