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Epoch (For The Masses) by Epoch [web]

                                    ______   ________ ________ ________ ___  ___
                                    _______  ____  __ _  _____ ___      ________
                                    ________ ______   ________ ________ ___  ___

Epoch (For The Masses) by Epoch
Demo for the Simulaatio 2018 demoparty.

This might be the last Epoch demo for a while due to changing life situations.

This demo is hard capped to 30 frames per second in order to stabilize the
particle physics.

sm..........  code, visuals
noby........  visuals, direction, graphics, additional code
dysposin....  graphics
liitin......  graphics
supadupa....  graphics
aegis.......  music

Design contributions from everyone involved. Contains a modified ShaderToy
creatin by @cornusammonis (CC licensed). The shader file "fba.fs" is provided
under the same license.

Soundtrack is a semi-official remix of Noah Kin's "Nostalgia", used with
permission. The remix was produced by Erik Ruotsalainen.

adapt, adinpsz, aspekt, byterapers, cluster, conspiracy, ekspert, eos, faemiyah,
fit, flo, g-incorporated, gluster, hackers, ivory, jetlatg, kewlers, komplex,
logicoma, mercury, mfx, otaku brigade, pants^2, paraguay, rootkids, still,
traction, trbl, trilobit, vaahtera
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