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LovelYM by KÜA software productions & SMFX

      KÜA software productions and SMFX present

      a small audio showcase for Arkos Tracker 2



Coded by GGN
with snippets from Excellence in Art

Graphics by Acca, Excellence in Art and TiNKer/Lineout

Music by Excellence in Art (boy, he did a lot didn't he??)

Arkos Tracker 2 - replay routine now out for Atari ST
and compatibles, with very low resource usage. Get it
at http://github.com/ggnkua/Arkos-Tracker-2-ST
or http://bitbucket.com/ggnkua/Arkos-Tracker-2-ST

Released at Outline 2018 - greets to everyone at the party!

Love from all the team and see you all soon!

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