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Electrostatic Motion by Euphoria

                 ÒÄÄ¿  Ò  Â  ÒÄÄ¿  Ò  Â  ÖÄÄ¿  ÒÄÄ¿  ÄÒÄ  ÖÄÄ¿
                 º     º  ³  º  ³  º  ³  º  ³  º  ³   º   º  ³
                 º     º  ³  º  ³  º  ³  º  ³  º  ³   º   º  ³
                 ÇÄ    º  ³  ÇÄÄÙ  ÇÄÄ´  º  ³  ÇÄÂÙ   º   ÇÄÄ´
                 º     º  ³  º     º  ³  º  ³  º ³    º   º  ³
                 º     º  ³  º     º  ³  º  ³  º ³    º   º  ³
                 ÐÄÄÙ  ÓÄÄÙ  Ð     Ð  Á  ÓÄÄÙ  Ð ÁÄ  ÄÐÄ  Ð  Á

                                    ÚÄÄ¿  Ú¿  Ú
                                   ÚÙ  À¿ ÀÙ ÚÙ
                                  ÚÙ Ú¿ À¿  ÚÙ
     ÿ                            Ù  ÀÙ  ÀÄÄÙ

³  E  L  E  C  T  R  O  S  T  A  T  I  C    M  O  T  I  O  N  ³

                       released at the Meeting'94
                party held in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France.

     1. - About the demo

	This demo is requiring:
	- 386 processor
        - compatible VGA card
        - Sound blaster or compatible / Gravis Ultrasound with 256k vram
        - 550k free conventional memory
        - 1 meg of XMS, NO EMS (EMM386...)

     2. - EUPHORIA members

                Cortex          - Coder
                Glokman         - Coder
                Humpty-Dumpty   - Coder
                Jerry           - Coder
                Maniax          - Coder
                Tarius          - Coder

                [Delos]         - Music
                Ninig           - Music
                [PhSeven]       - Music
                Sti             - Graphism

         People between brackets are sometimes in Euphoria ;-)

     3. - Notes about the Meeting'95.

           Everything went okay at The Meeting'94, we had many prices (two
        cd-roms drives and more than 50 CDs, offered by DP Tool 
        Club, well known for the quality of its CDROM'shareware, 
        a modem and 10 CDs offered by Goto Informatique, 
        specialized in communication software. Many thanks to 
        them ! Hi, Nicolas ! Hi Christelle !
          US Robotics France told us they were not interested in sponsoring 
       the meeting. No comment.
           The Meeting'95 will be held probably at the same place, but during
        the begining of the year.

           Invitations will be soon spread.

     4. - EUPHORIA in the Future.

           We will release some things at the PARTY'94, and we will probably
         rent a bus, so if you are interested in coming with us (we are living
         in north of France), contact us.

     5. - How to contact EUPHORIA.

                              Simon David
                      293 bis Avenue de Dunkerque
                              59160 Lomme

     As INTERNETs adresses are given at the beginning of the year at school,
we are not able to give you any adress for now.

     6. - BBS

     We do not have any HQ or WHQ, so if you want to become an Euphoria HQ,
contact us, anyway, we'll soon get an WHQ.

                                Dîm• ‹s EUPHORIA...
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