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Artwork Compilation Pack 2 by Illusion

 ÛßßÛ ÛßßÛ       ÛßßÛ       ÛßßÛ   ÛßßÛ ÛßßßßßßßÛ ÛßßÛ ÛßßßßßßßßßÛ ÛßßÜ    ÛßßÛ
 Û ßÛ Û ßÛ       Û ßÛ       ßÜ Û   Û  Û Üß ÜÜÜÜÜÛ Û ßÛ ßÜ ÜÜÜÜÜ  Û Û  ßßÜ  Ûß Û
 ÜßÜÛ ßÜ Û       ßÜ Û       ßÜÛÜ   Û  Û ßÜßÜ      ÜßÜÛ ßÜÛÜ   Û  Û ÜßÜÜ ÜßÜÛ Üß
 ßÛÛÜ ßÜßÜ       ßÜßÜ       ßÜÛ    ßÜßÜ ßÜÛÜÜÜÜÜ  ßÛÛÜ ßÜÛ    ßÜßÜ  ÛÛÜßÜÛÛÛßÜß
 ÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛ         ÛÛ        ÛÛÛ    ßÛÛÜ ÜßßßßßÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ    ßÛÛÜ  ÛÛß  ßÜßÛÛ
 ßÜßÛ  ÛßÜ        ÛßÜ       ÜßÜß   ÛÛÛß      ÜßÜß ßÜßÛ ÜßÜß   ÛÛÛß ßÜßÜ    ÜßÜß
 Û Üß ßÜßßßßß ßÛ ßÜßßßßß ßÛ ßÜ ßßßßÜÛÜß ÛÜßÜßßÜ Û Û Üß ßÜ ßßßßÜÛÜß ß Üß    ßÜ Ü

			 ú úúILLUSION:úTheúMysticúArtúú ú


One Thumb here...another month has passed, and I'm writing this right before
I take off for Washington DC.  Let's see...This month has been a busy one for 
us, and I am glad to see it over with, and us still intact.  Well, let's cover
the basics...A few things happened, I guess I will just list them in the order
in which they happened...
	First, we merged with another small group, Style...
They're President, Brain Dead, is now the head of our iLLUSiON East Coast
division...We're happy to welcome them into iLLUSiON, and are looking forward
to many great pieces of art from them...
	Second, Shadowsorcerer announced that he will be moving...within a few
hectic days we had sorted things out, and the groups status had been salvaged.
At first, it just looked like was going to be moving...Thought this was tragic,
we all assumed that he would be back in the group after the move...Then a
bombshell hit, and all three of the BBS lines to his house were removed...He
called me up and told me about it...We talked awhile, and decided I would talk
to him over the phone about assignments...He's moving on July 6th, and should
be getting back into the scene and the group in not too long...We wish him the
best of luck, and are looking forward to his help...(One Thumb's Note:  
Without Shadowsorcerer, this group wouldn't have come to be, I would like to
take the time to thank him now, in case something comes up and he's not able
to take as active a role in the group anymore...SS, thanks and keep up the
good work!)
	Third, iLLUSiONet is now off the ground...It may not function correctly
while I am gone, but after that, it will run like a charm...There are numerous
messages bases, both pertaining to iLLUSiON, and general elite and h/p oriented
bases...Currently, all affiliated systems are in the net, and we will start 
accepting non-affiliated systems soon.  iLLUSiONet will provide a way for 
us to get art requests faster, affiliated boards faster, art faster, and get
new members as well.  It should start to rock soon, so look for it...
	And, I guess that's about it...This month has been a really busy,
hectic month for me, haven't been able to draw any ANSi (as KillRaven pointed
out :), and have been involved in a lot of things this month.  But, the group
is alive, and bigger than ever...Now, I will turn the time over to our other
Senior member, VectoR...Take it away dood...

If you are interested in becoming a Distro, an HQ, an Artist, or a Courier,
please get in touch with One Thumb on any good net, or grab the pack and up
a completed app to one of our boards.  Thanks...

One Thumb's greets:

       Shadowsorcerer :  Thanks for everything man...without you, the group
			 wouldn't be here...Thanks again...
       VectoR         :  You too man, you're great...have fun puting the pack
			 together!  :)
       All iLLUSiONiST:  You all know who you are, sorry, too many of you
			 to greet personally...:)  Look for greets over the
       Cavalier       :  Hehe...How's /Vetwork /Vews?  Thanks for your support
			 and for TRACE...It's gonna rock...
       Loki           :  Sorry, had to go to Washington DC before I could get
			 ahold of everyone...Your board's been busy lately!
			 Anyway, good luck with MiRAGE, better still be there
			 when I get back!  :)
       Tempus Thales  :  Haven't seen much lately, but assume your still the
			 best!  =]
       Iceman         :  Hey!  HSTs aren't so bad! :)  Thanks for putting up
			 with a v32bis'er, heh...
       CyberChrist    :  Thanks man, for everything...Hehe, got to be a
			 little annoying, eh?
       Midnight Sorrow:  Too large of a phone bill, eh?  Thanks for your help
			 and support...later..
       Wizard         :  Keep it up with CHARiSMA man...
       Lone Wanderer  :  Sick of iLLUSiONet yet man?
       Storm Lord     :  Hehe...Yeah, I guess Razor is ruling right now :)
			 Thanks for putting up with me, hehe, enjoy ViS/2!
       Hannibal Lecter:  Hehe...Glad we worked things out...See ya in two 
			 weeks man...Get some access on OTE!  :)
       ACiD           :  You guys are still the best...Keep it up...
       iCE            :  Running a close second...good job!
       RaZoR          :  Blowing everyone away!  =)
       SWaT           :  We rule guys.  Blowing MALiCE, eXodus, UC out of the
			 water...Keep it up while I am gone guys...
       Anyone I forgot:  You all know who you are, sorry, kinda rushed...Love
			 ya all too! :)

	Ok.. VectoR here, One Thumb pretty much covered the news with 
illusion.. except, since One Thumb, and ShadowSorcerer have been either 
on vacation or temporarily gone, One Thumb and I have appointed Visionary 
and High Density as temp. senior staff at illusion.  Also, there has been
some confusion as to who the new members of iLLUSiON are, due to the fact 
that we merged very close to the end of the month, and with seniors going
on vacation, we havn't been able to locate all the members in New York, 
but next month we'll have another list... Anyways, I'll just get to the 
pack now.  But first, a few greets:

	One Thumb      - Have fun on the vacation while 
			 I work my but off! =] 
	BraiN DeaD     - Give me a ring lateron.....Who're the new
	ShadowSorcerer - Hope you're set up again soon, we need you =]
	Soultaker      - Thanks for the D/S, call me later..
	Lone Wanderer  - Good job getting the NET up
	Yankman        - What's your new board number?
	Vengeance      - How's PROfîCY coming along?
	Phoenix Claw   - Sorry about not getting any work to your
			 site, we just kinda forgot about it =]
	Lone Wanderer  - What, are ALL the illusion members going
			 on vacation?!
	Cisco          - Some REAL nice art this month
	FUTURE CREW    - Still the best, who knows what One Thumb
			 was thinking about when he said ACiD?

Ok.. Here's a small list of files in this month's pack:
úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÂùú úùÄÄÂùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÂùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú
Ý File Name ³ Size  ³ Description                             Member          Þ
úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÅùú úùÄÄÅùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÅùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú
BD-LOGO1.ILL³    1k ³ Old Logo for Style                    ³ BraiN DeaD
BD-LOGO2.ILL³    1k ³ Another Logo for Style                ³ BraiN DeaD
BD-MSTAT.ILL³    3k ³ Status Screen                         ³ Brain Dead
BD-PRDOX.ILL³    4k ³ ANSI for Virtual Paradox              ³ BraiN DeaD
BS-MEGAB.ILL³   11k ³ ANSI for Mega Base                    ³ Black Sky
BS-SOCIL.ILL³    7k ³ ANSI for Social Perversion            ³ Black Sky
CS-ARRES.EXE³   13k ³ Loader for Arrested Development       ³ Cisco
CS-CRASH.EXE³   11k ³ Loader for System Crash               ³ Cisco
CS-MEGA.EXE ³   23k ³ Loader for Mega Base                  ³ Cisco
CS-NATRL.EXE³   16k ³ Loader for Natural High               ³ Cisco
CS-NWA.EXE  ³   41k ³ Loader for New Wares Association      ³ Cisco
CS-PCI.EXE  ³   16k ³ Loader for Power Crisis International ³ Cisco
CS-PRDX.EXE ³   18k ³ Loader for Virtual Paradox            ³ Cisco
CS-RAGRK.EXE³   16k ³ Loader for Ragnarok                   ³ Cisco
CS-SOCIL.EXE³   44k ³ Loader for Social Perversions         ³ Cisco
CS-TZU.EXE  ³   15k ³ Loader for TZU                        ³ Cisco
FILEMENU.ILL³    4k ³ File Menu for Charisma BBS            ³ ShadowSorcerer
HD-TRACE.ILL³    2k ³ Trace Magazine Loader                 ³ HiGH DENSiTY
ILLSITE1.ILL³    2k ³ iLLUSiON Site Logo                    ³ <unknown>
KR-BANE.ILL ³    7k ³ Bane Logo                             ³ KillRaven
KR-EDGE.ILL ³    3k ³ On The Edge ANSI                      ³ KillRaven
KR-ILLUS.ILL³    5k ³ iLLUSiON Logo                         ³ KillRaven
KR-ROD.ILL  ³    8k ³ Realms of Darkness ANSI               ³ KillRaven
KR-ROT2.ILL ³    6k ³ Reign of Terror ANSI                  ³ Kill Raven
KR-TRACE.ILL³    3k ³ Trace Magazine Logo                   ³ KillRaven
MAINMENU.ILL³    5k ³ Main Menu for Charisma BBS            ³ ShadowSorcerer
MEMBOARD.ILL³    5k ³ Member Board List                     ³ HiGH DENSiTY
MESSMENU.ILL³    5k ³ Message Menu for Charisma BBS         ³ ShadowSorcerer
SS-OSP1.ILL ³    2k ³ 2 O.S.P. Logos                        ³ ShadowSorcerer
SS-OSP2.ILL ³    3k ³ O.S.P. Logo                           ³ ShadowSorcerer
SS-TRACE.ILL³    .k ³ Trace Magazine Logo                   ³ ShadowSorcerer
VC-SKN.ZIP  ³  200k ³ Loader for SKiLLiON                   ³ VectoR
VC-MONA.ZIP ³   84k ³ Demo for The Monastary                ³ VectoR
VS-ISLE.ILL ³    4k ³ Isle of Despaor ANSI                  ³ Visionary
úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÁùú úùÄÄÁùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÁùú úùÄÄÄùú úùÄÄÄùú

Well, I gotta jet, have fun looking at the pack and I'll see ya guys next 
month.. Late,
VectoR - iLLUSiON Senior/Coder
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