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Antipop by Samar Productions

- arrows: cursor movement
- RETURN/ENTER select tune
- [A] auto advance play ON/OFF (black text = OFF = loop zak)

We proudly presents to you another music production from Samar.
No party/compo release. 
I (Isildur) want to thank to some special people:
_ Thank you Mermaid from the frozen cold country.
- Thank you Shogoon from the another music dimension.
- Thank you Gaetano for your original composition as usual.
- Thank you Uctumi from the other side of the C64 moon ;).
- Thank you Hermit a great composer.
- Thank you MCH our newborn star.
- And finally thank you master Jammer, you are the SID Yoda.
- Thank you Slajerek, Yugorin and Uka for your help with testing and brilliant dir art.
- Thank you DKT our unique code guru - you know how to squeeze more our beloved Commodore.

Samar (January 2018)

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