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the puppets by Illi Recentes ImperatoreS

-------------------- Introduction ------------------------

Welcome to "The Puppets", the brainchild of our great
graphician, Yon.

Enjoy the quite alternative images, which for a change
actually have something deeper to say.

Btw remember to visit our homepage at http://www.irishq.dk
and the überkool Exotica site at, http://exotica.fix.no

-------------------- Requirements ------------------------

1. Around 2 megs of RAM, a little more I am afraid.
2. A 640*512 8bit screenmode.

That should get you up and running. For the full
experience, I would recommend a graphics card, since all
the pictures are hires lace. A fast CPU and some fast RAM
would also be nice, since I am not sure the system can
do even fades at any reasonable speed on slower systems ;)

----------------------- Options --------------------------

There are two command line options availiable for tweaking
the sound.


No prizes for guessing what nosound does, but freq is used
for setting the mixing rate, you use it like this:

ThePuppets.exe freq=28000

Using the above option gives you the same sound quality
(and CPU usage) as when running on CPUs above 030.
030s and lower get 16000 as the default.
Lower the number for more speed, and increase it for
better sound.

-------------------------- FAQ ---------------------------

Q: The thing complains about xmplayer.library, what to do?
A: The library should have been included in the archive,
   but it also availiable on the Aminet. The library
   should either be placed in libs: or in progdir:libs/
   relative to the executable.

Q: Aww, it completly crawls on my machine, why is that?
A: I would like to blaim the system for that, and the fact
   that the mouse pointer is not really a sprite.
   Try the nosound or freq option, or if you are using
   AGA, run the WritePixelArray patch.

Q: Where the devil is the mouse pointer?
A: Well it should be right there on your screen, ermh.
   That bug should be fixed, really.

Q: Why does it not work on UAE?
A: It does not? Thats great!

------------------------- Credits ------------------------

Graphics        : Yon (yonek@box43.gnet.pl)
Music           : Nutman (nutman@talent.dk)
Code            : Ransom (barkholt@worldonline.dk)
xmplayer.library: Crust

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