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From Real 2 SuperReal by SuperReal

Nb/ If you need help to run this demo, go directly to "VESA and Sound Help"

                         - From Real 2 SuperReal -

                My very first full blown 640x480 VESA demo

                 For the Oz96 compo in Sydney Australia

             Created by Jason Nunn (JsNO)/SuperReal & Hornet

             Contacts:    JsNO- jsno@turtle.apana.org.au
                                root@superr.apana.org.au (most frequented)
                                jsno@amigar.apana.org.au (least frequented)

                  WWW: http://turtle.apana.org.au/~jsno/
                  FTP: turtle.apana.org.au /pub/msdos/jsno

                Snail: 32 Rothdale Rd, Moil, Darwin, NT 0810 Australia

 Hello Peoples,

 Well, this is it. This might be the last "SuperReal" demo for the scene. I
 will be doing a small package for Turtle Systems, Mark Keogh, and one more
 production for Hornet before i quit. Straight after this demo is handed over
 to Random (an organiser), SuperReal and it's members (or rather membeR
 [singular] - the others have already deserted) will be disbanded... good
 riddens i say.

 I am retiring due to lack of interest. Basically i'm bored with it all now.
 Years ago, it used to be fun. I was motivated. Now days, i lack motivation, 
 time, energy a muso and a good graphics artist...i often feel like banging 
 my head against a brick wall..

 I can no longer compete any more, especially now that the demo scene has
 turned more "user end" like business programming did 10-15 years ago. It's
 taken talent out of it and made it easyer and less fun. Also, i'm 24. I
 might be getting a little bit too big for it ;).

 I've had _severe_ motivation problems doing this demo. It's a relatively
 small'ish demo, and a similar thing (ie MC3 which i did last march) would
 usually take me 1-2 months to do, not 6 months as this demo has taken me.
 I've had to force myself to finish this demo.. honestly.

                             About the demo

 After the Music Content 3 demo i did for Hornet, i started working on a new
 demo that would experiment with straight VESA display, and this is it. It
 was initially going to be a quick hack job just to show everyone how easy
 it was.... I'm not sure if 640x480x256 demos weren't prevailate then as they
 are now, but anyway.. as things turned out, i heard about Oz96 via a CC mail
 that trixter/Hornet sent me about Jason Pang (one of the organisers) talking
 about virtual reality helmet display he would be showing at the Oz95 demo 
 (it was initially called that you see). I then began working towards it.

 This demo has been written in TASM ideal mode Assembler, and uses DOS32
 (you'll be pressing yourself to find a demo written in assembly these days). 
 It also uses a tiny bit of C++, that i used to code one of my 3d engines 
 (the gouraud one) in the demo. The other 3D mapper is straight assembly.

 The REW (Richard Winkel) was going to help me out with the music, but
 due to a lack of time, had to pull out. So my crappy tune went in ;(.

 The source code should be available on turtle.apana.org.au
 /pub/msdos/jsno/1995 after this compo.

 I'll also be writing an article for DEMONEWS on VESA programming. You've
 probably have seen it by the time this demo had been released.

                                                          VESA & Sound Help

Sound Setup:
 If you don't have a soundcard, then set the "card setup" menu to "no sound".

 If you do have a soundcard, then you can just go to the "auto select" option
 and hit enter. If you have more than one card in the machine, or it has
 detection problems, then you may have to specify your card requirments via
 the IRQ and DMA settings and the three basic card families: GUS, PAS and CT
 (SB,SB2,SB16,AWE 32) cards.

 If you have anything another than a GUS card, then you will have to set the
 "DAC precision". This will determine the sampling rate of the music/sound
 being played. The higher the sampling rate, the better quality the output.
 However, more CPU is required to run higher sample rates. If you have a
 P-90, then select a 22050hz sampling range. If you have anything less, then
 select something less than 22050.

VESA setup:
 If your BIOS doesn't support VESA, then you're going to have to obtain one
 of the numerious VESA drivers that live on BBS, FTP and CDROM sites. Some
 are quite choice, others are extremely crusty. In fact, a bad one can make
 my demo run absolutely shithouse. I recommend the UNIVBE driver, as it is
 ..well, the only good one that i know really. I'm currently using a
 registered 5.1 version.

 On the setup screen, you have three options. You would normally select the
 third option, that being "Linear mode with direct Protected mode calling".
 My code will automatically detect and use what ever you have. If you 
 select something you don't have, then the computer won't use it. The 
 following options have been put in place so that i can test each VESA mode
 operation more easerly. If you get the strange desire to select an 
 inferior option to what you computer can actually run, then you may like 
 to read on:

Banking mode with Interrupt calling
 If you have a really old driver (ie Vbe1.1 or Vbe1.2), then use this mode.
 This is the slowest mode, as the demo will be copying 64 chunks at the time
 to 6 or so locations on the screen. Each bank change will cost a call to the
 bank switching code of the VESA driver. Communication with the driver will
 be done through the INT10 interrupt service. As this part of the VESA driver
 runs in real mode, it will cost you a state switch, plus the usual interrupt
 O/H maintainance.

 This method is very costly. It can get really bad when you're running a
 shitty Vbe driver like the one that comes with the AWARD BIOS.

Banking mode with direct Protected mode calling
 For people that have a modern Vbe driver that complies with the Vbe2.0
 specification, but do not have a graphics card that support Linear mode,
 you should use this setting. It will squart data to the graphics memory via
 banking, but will talk to the VESA driver using a special Protected mode
 service that Vbe2.0 drivers ofter. All a call will cost now is a basic
 CALL instruction. This will save HEAPS of CPU.

Linear mode with direct Protected mode calling
 For people that have a modern Vbe2.0 complying card (plus the driver to 
 match), can use this mode. This is the best mode to use. All service calls
 to the VESA driver are made using direct calls, and no bank switching will
 take place, Data is copied in one huge lump.

                     References in other peoples material used it this demo
 Dos32v30 Extender by Adam Seychell  (this verson has problems with Win95)
 Various bitmaps & font etc from the ANIPRO 1.3a library
 Concepts pinched from Dave Stampes 3dpoly blitter library
 Rotation code pinched from Soeren Holstebroe (seap)
 Digital Sounds flogged from Dark Farces
                                                                  FTP Sites
 my very own FTP site is...

  turtle.apana.org.au /pub/msdos/jsno

 The source code for this demo will be available on here soon.

 Here you will find all my programs/projects/contracts i have done
 over the years.

 BBS sites for this demo:

 Site                Place          Number            Fido
 Amiga Retreat       Darwin, NT     (61)(089)451516   3:850/105
 Sanctuary           Darwin, NT     (61)(089)272965


I've never really done a decent greetz. Well, for this last demo, i'm going
to go overboard %).

Oz demo scene
 Jason Chong (Jase) :- I think you are the best amateur electronic musician who ever walked the face of the earth. i hope you can make a career out of it soon. i wish you the utmost in Oz96. happy tracking ;).
 Jeremy Pronk (SH0CK/Rapid) :- sorry i can't make it down to Oz96. if you need a hand, never hesitate to ask.
 Scott Mackenzie(party):- thank you very much for you're past interest in FunkTracker.
 Adam Seychell:- to the "fellow that's always on the phone to me", have a happy xmas. I'll no doubt be "on the phone to you" ;). happy xmas adam. I'll probably helping you with some DOS32 developments.
 Dan Lawrence(30SC):-long time no hear. What are you doing lately?.
 random,ozone,black artist:-I've likened your past works. I hope Oz96 is a smashing success.

Hornet (and past horneters)
 Snowman:-I enjoy your emails. you are one of my closest net friends. merry xmas. (Pzzz: i think you are crasyer than me. you just don't flaunt it like i do ;).
 Trixter:-happy xmas trixter. i look forward to you unvailing my next project job for Hornet.
 Stony:-we might me burning the midnight oil with another project. look forward to it. happy xmas ;).
 Ior:-have a safe one.
 Daniel P:-long time no hear. happy xmas. and yes, Jason Nunn _IS_ my real name (get enough "none" jokes without you starting :).
 Pallbearer:-well done on freedom. you are a very generous man. happy christmas.
 floss:-nice taking with you

 Ryan Cramer:-   [to the rest of the Horneters...
 Digger:-        [even tho I have never really talked to you much,
 Mellow-d:-      [i wish you a merry and safe xmas.
 Meredeth:-      [
 Thor Teague:-   [
 Diabol:-        [

turtle peoples
 Robert bessell(trips):- you are a black cunt, and your Suzuki is a chunk of shit ;), i hope you look after my old computer i'm giving you ;). she has served me alot of years. i am looking forward to coming down for new years. lets get totally bent during newyears!... have a few bucket bongs together ;).
 Kane Davis(paladin):- will be be joining me and trips during newyears?
 Daniel Wu(abyss):-    merry christmas
 Dawn Foo:-            "
 Le-Damo :-            "
 Sparhawk:-            have a good one.
 Robert Nagy:-         happy bundy slugging. BTW, your project is next.
 Mark Keogh(tmk):-as you say - "Laid her" hommie. BTW. your project will be after roberts.

the "batty euros"
 Dick Verweij(Dickydick):-Not so fast Mr pooy Pants!!!,i've still that rather intimidating photo of you and blossom online! (PS. i'm still open to bribes :)
 Tom Verbeure:- thanks for your help. we don't talk much now, but i *ready* did enjoy your emails. you're one of the more "mature" people on the net.
 Richard Winkel(The REW):- "The Crackers Gromit!, we forgot the Crackers!". Question: who quoted this line?. Email me when you have guessed it.

Other Locals (3:850)
 Rhinobladder:-you smell like a cows adder, but we all love ya anyway ;)
 Trevor Hopps:-     [
 Paul Malkinson:-   [
 Rob:-Hi Blob:-     [ have a good xmas
 Brandon W:-        [
 Adam W:-           [
 EVil:-             [

                                                                Final words
 I've released my last version of Funktracker (FUNK108D.ZIP), and
 have handed the whole thing over to Adam Seychell. He'll most likely be
 incorporating it into his DOS32 package as an example of how to make a
 P-mode program for DOS32 i guess.

 I was going to add GUS MIDI support... but fuck it. I couldn't be bothered
 really. Who gives a shit anyway?. No one uses the bloody thing.

 If you want to catch me, you'll probably see me on our MUD we run on
 here, where i'll be devoting my future programming efforts too.  I
 might even catch some Win95 apps by me in the near future too... of
 course there might be the odd Hornet development.

 see ya

:Jason Nunn
Thursday 21/12/95

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