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Stariffic by xzm

 Stariffic -- a game for the Assembly 2006 gamedev competition

What is it?
Stariffic is a physics based puzzle platformer for both J2ME enabled
mobile phones and java enabled desktops and browsers (works either as
a java applet or as a java application).

The J2ME version requires a fairly powerful mobile handset with MIDP 2
support. The game has been tested with:
 - Nokia 6630
 - Nokia 6680
 - Sony-Ericsson w810i

The desktop application and applet versions require java version 1.4 or
higher. You can get it from http://java.sun.com/

How to install?
To install the J2ME version, install the .jar file from the J2ME folder
into your handset. See you handsets manual on how to do this. Note that
some handsets can only install from the internet (GPRS) or over bluetooth.

The applet version needs no installing. Just point your browser to the
Stariffic.html file. Note that you may need to click the applet a few
times with your mouse in order to give the applet key focus.

The desktop application version needs no installing as well. Run either
"Run_Fullscreen.bat" or "Run_Windowed.bat" (under Windows) to start the
game. The bat files need for you to have your java.exe in your PATH.
To test if you have it, start a command line interpreter (cmd.exe) and
type "java".

How to play?
The game is played with the directional keys. Fire is used to select items.

Yes, that's right. This game is distributed under the General Public Licence.
Read more from http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

The game itself is free and you're free to distribute it to where-ever you

The games homepages can be found from:

To contact the author, see more details from:

Programming & Lead: Jere "XMunkki" Sanisalo
Graphics          : Tomi Turunen
Testing & Levels  : Maija "Dibhda" Parjanen
Music             : Jetro "tonic" Lauha
Sounds            : Jukka Nikkonen

Version history
2006.08.03: v1.1
 - Fixed applet & desktop keyrepeats
 - Added a midlet icon
 - Lots of new levels
 - The level select screen won't advance now if playing older levels
 - Sped up menu rendering
 - Fixed looping musics for applets/applications

2006.07.31: v1.0 *INITIAL VERSION*
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