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The Khalis by Dark Face of the Moon

Well, in fact, a good program would turn without any problems and then wouldn't
need a such doc. But alas, nobody's perfect and it is possible that our demo,
THE KHALIS, may cause problems at startup (generally, it's the peecee's fault,
not the program's).

1.System Requirements:
- At least a 486 DX2/66 Mhz processor, otherwise don't expect to have
  something fast on the screen (2 or 3 frames/second). Hey, joke!
- a VLB card or faster
- you need the HIMEM.SYS device listed in your CONFIG.SYS
- Don't try this demo when running under Windows (argh) 95. Why the hell
  would you want to run that under W95? Are you crazy? You waste your
  memory by doing so!
- You MAY NOT use a EMS Manager like QEMM, EMM386.
- A Gravis UltraSound if you want to have music.
- If you have some problems with some gfx in the demo Try to remove your
  SMARTDRV or other cache managers !	

2. Notes:
- Don't crack about Guybrush's nose, or you'll have to deal that with him.
  The size of his nose has been increased by the mask's 3D model. In real
  life, he has a tiny, very little nose.
- Don't blame us if this demo wasn't shown at Wired 95. The @Ó!¤& who made
  the info doc about the place, time, etc. UPDATED this doc without warning
  us. So we believed that the deadline was fixed to Sunday in the afternoon.
  Actually, the deadline has been fixed to Saturday at 5.00 PM! We also had
  problems with the player (TUCGPLAY), with the 3D timer.
- A mega Thanks to FRONTMAN of CREW242 for his player !!

3. DFM Productions:
- GALACTIC ATMOSPHERE, our first demo, contribution to the Unexpected
  Party 94. We won (there were only 2 groups). GUS-only demo.
  Released in August 94.

- WEIRD FX. Wired 94 contribution. Released in November 94.
  GUS-only demo.

- THE KHALIS. Our last demo. Released in February 96. This demo features
  astonishing 3D effects, cool plasmas, and a lot of other stunning cool
  Gus-only demo.

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