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Che Budenza demo by Che Budenza


Whe are CHE BUDENZA!, a new italian demo group.

This demo is our contribution to the Italian Intro Contest 1994.
It was the first edition of this contest, and we hope it will grow
in the future.

This is our first demo and there are still some little(?) bugs, but
however we are quite content with our work.

³   -Minimal Hardware             º      -Suggested Hardware                   ³
³                                 º                                            ³
³   CPU  : 80386SX16Mhz           º      CPU  : 80486DX33Mhz                   ³
³   RAM  : 1 Mb                   º      RAM  : 1 Mb                           ³
³   VIDEO: VGA 256Kb              º      VIDEO: VGA 256Kb                      ³
³                                 º      SOUND: Sound Blaster                  ³
³            ** The demo MUST be run from an hard disk! **                     ³

If you don't have a Sound Blaster card, our music system is also
capable of using a simple DAC converter on a parallel port.
Don't choose high fequencies on 80386 based machines, and remember
that DAC routines are very time-consuming.
If the demo hangs, or if it seems to do an infinite loop, try to
restart with a lower frequency.

If you want to contact us via modem you can call:

Tel-In BBS (Firenze) 2:332/109@FideNet.org

Line2:+39-55-4231666  [both at 14.400 baud]

You can also reach us on FidoNet at the following addresses :

 Simone Zappatini       2:332/109.0
 Luca   Salvatori       2:332/109.0
 Carlo  Salinari        2:332/109.0
 Fabio  Filatrella      2:332/109.9 (point)

See you soon!
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