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Employee Spin by N.I

employee spin (2017 N.I)
MSX turbo-R+GFX9000(V9990)

employee.dsk..... The diskimage for MSX emulator
src\......,,.. The source files for ccZ80++ and TabmegX
bas\......,,.. The executable files for MSX-BASIC

-- About
This demo requires GFX9000.

-- MSX emulator
This demo can be played on openMSX.

Start with the command below.
> openmsx.exe -diska \download path\employee.dsk -machine Panasonic_FS-A1ST -ext gfx9000

Press [F10] to enter the console. And, enter the command below.
> set videosource gfx9000

-- Control
Press [ESC] to Quit.

-- Credit
MGSDRV is developed by Ain.
XMGS is developed by Tarosan.
web: http://ni.x0.com/msx/
mail: n.i@10-59.com
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