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Stawicki vs. Originals by John Dalthon

                 Stawicki vs. The Originals
                        John Dalthon

                      ZX Spectrum 128kB

                       Contribution to
                   Speccy.pl Party 2017.1

                       Maciej Stawicki
                          David A.
                          Nick Bruty
                        Raffaele Cecco
                        Javier Cubedo
                          Ivan Horn
                        Mark R. Jones
                        Drew Northcott
                         David Perry
                       John M. Phillips
                       Malcolm J. Smith
                          Mike Smith
                     Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor

               David Whittaker (in hidden parts)*

                        Moral Support:

                   Code** / Graphics / Idea:

At the end of the 1980s, some of the games that you could
get in Poland (there was no official distribution) had no
loading picture or were damaged by Multiface.

This production is a homage to Maciej Stawicki, who created
16 alternative versions of the games' loading pictures
practically within a year.

It is worth mentioning that the speed matched the quality
of the work - his creations not only did not differ from
the originals but most of them surpass the original works.

Back in 1987, with only two existing graphic programs and
without access to a scanner or mouse, creating such artworks
would not be possible without an indisputable talent.

                       ENJOY THE SHOW

       If you liked Yerzmyey's music for more go to:

* taken from games:
BraveStarr - 1987 (c) Probe Software Ltd
Elevator Action - 1987 (c) Binary Design Ltd

** except for routines:
Exomizer 2.0 algorithm/decoder (c) Magnus Lind & Metalbrain
Sound Tracker player (c) Jarek 'Bzyk' Burczynski
FZX font format/driver (c) Andrew Owen & Einar Saukas
Xor-shift random number generator (c) Patrik Rak
Line draw & Scanline fill (c) John Metcalf
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