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C.l.o.n.e by Critical Mass

.C L O N E demo
.by Critical Mass

.Scenario, 3d modeling, animation - Jocker
.Scene design, artwork - Kornokul
.3d engine, programming - Warhawk
.Soundtrack - Tiamad
.Some 3d models - Wind
.Some ideas - Lilu

.Demo req - cel 1000mhz, 256ram, gf2, sound device, win98/2k/xp

.Contacts - tiamad_cms@mail.ru

.Greets - Psycho, T-rex, Energy, Throb, And, Storm studio, Sands,
 Haujobb, Madonion, Orange, Sunflower, MGD, Farbrausch, Damage,
 Elitegroup, Cocoon and great thanks 4 tAAt.
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