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Worship by Arm's Tech [web]

name:   Worship
author: baah/Arm's Tech (abrobecker@yahoo.com)
size:   7452 bytes (without music)
needs:  Risc PC
descr.: Well, a single FX demo
                      __    __
 _ _ _ ____ _ __ ____|  |__|__|____
| | | | __ | ' _|_  -|     |  | __ |
|_____|____|__| |____|__|__|__|   _|  by baah/Arm's Tech

  Files included in this directory are:
Worship           ;The demo, !!! WITH MUSIC !!!
ReadMe            ;Guess what
More.Baby/mod     ;BabyDoll msx by Unison/Ukonx
More.MrGland/gif  ;MrGland pix by Exocet/JFF
More.83_102       ;Same pix, in sprite format
More.QTM          ;Modified QTMTracker module
More.JustMkIt     ;Description file to build demo
More.MkDatas      ;Creates color palette & sprite
More.MkText       ;Creates fonts & text
More.MkWorship    ;Worship's source
More.Sperm        ;Basic version of the spermatozoons' movements

  This is the final version of Worship, with music and cleaner code. Not
much to say, except that it contains a bichannel bicubic delta plasma in
the background, and this is the only interesting effect in the demo. All
in all the demo looks nice, though i prefer WishYouWereBeer (better
routines, better name...).

  I met Unison in the barracks while doing my military service, he brought
his Amiga and we started working on a 8Kb Chip-Music Disk. It would have been
called worship (Whore-Chip ;). I also had a gfx made by Exocet by that time
(a modified version of MrOeuf). But then a GirlFriend (Angelique) fall upon
me, and my mind was elsewhere! ;) I mean i was still coding during WE, but
not the same way and the project was stopped (sorry Unison). We barely saw
ourselves, and he got has other projects. Then my GirlFriend left me down
(the who..! No, just "joking", we left on good terms and she is very kind ;),
and i was at last able to code again! Yeaaaaaaaaah! So i went on small
projects, till 2000may31. In a mail to Pervect (hi) i said the 8Kb compo of
CodeCraft #2 was a failure, and i didn't feel like finishing it. He answered
that some others were finishing their entries, and no i HAD to finish my
demo. He made a lot of cheering up, and at last here it is.

  Again MANY MANY THANX to Eli-Jean (aka Pervect/Topix) for all the energy
he put in CodeCraft #2, and the motivation he carries with him. And also for
being such an impressive CodeCraftMan.

cu, Alain
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