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Invader Warning by Altair

 ======== Invader Warning by KK/Altair^DMA ========

    Released at Decrunch 2017 Demoparty

  This is a small 32 byte "intro" for Atari 8-bit computers.
  Or rather something that produces somehow interesting sound & visual glitch.

  When running from custom setups, make sure you have BASIC ROM enabled.
  The intro has system display list address hardcoded as $9C20, which
  is correct for systems I tested (Atari 800 and 65XL) as well as
  Altirra emulator _WITH_ BASIC ROM installed.

  Also beware of the LAX instruction used to cut down a final byte to 32,
  if you happen to use non-standard CPU.

  The demo produces evolving sound patterns by using display list as a
  32-step sequence. At the same time this obviously glitches the display list
  for the VFX, which is completed by additional random spamming of GTIA registers.

  The (commented!!!) source is included, but to compile it you'll have to grab
  my custom compiler K65 from:


  The source includes custom linker script for smaller executable, but
  this script should also be included in upcoming release of K65 SDK.

Have fun!
[ kk@devkk.net ]
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