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Partycoded.exe by CRTC

Partycoded.exe (Party version)

An 8KB demo by psonice for CRTC at Nova 2017

Requires macOS 10.12 and a fast, Metal compatible GPU.

Apologies for the "music"! This intro was a bit of a battle… I planned a path traced intro using Metal, but arriving at the party with only the rendering code done I hit a couple of small snags:

1. The Metal graphics API only runs in 64bit mode.
2. Laturi, the best exe packer for mac, only runs in 32bit mode.
3. Not many 4k synths work on mac, and of the ones that do, I didn't find any that work in 64bit mode…

So this was mostly hacked together at the party place, go easy ;)

I'll do a final with more resolutions and quality options, and figure out how to capture it.
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