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On the Mov by Digital House


        Major thing to tell you is, that the current combination 
       stack-mem-mod seems a little sensitive to your memory configuration.
       If the demo stops after playing only one note, try fixing your 
       config.sys a little.  It should work when you load Himem.sys, 
       EMM386 (With NOEMS HIGHSCAN) and put DOS in upper memory.  Also, 
       some problems can arise whith little proggy's like Doskey, ...

        If the music plays a little slow, try to select a music output
       device without DMA. If you choose for a non-DMA output device you
       will get better quality if you turn the loudness filter off.

        Only read further on if ya give a shit about demoz... If ya 
       don't, it'll be boring, I guess..

        Well, Hi there, finally after two minor productions we intend to
       release a little bigger demo.  But, as usual when it comes to first
       productions, we have some 'warnings'... 

       * The coding was done on and for 486 computers, so don't try it on
         a 80386SX 16Mhz.... 
       * The coder tries a little 32 bit in this one... Not to the fullest
         (as you'll see in the simple texturing..), but still, you need
         a 80386 at least to run the demo.
       * We made a BIG mistake.... optimizing until it runs smooth.. and
         NOT optimizing until it runs FAST..  So, we got a little ashamed
         of ourselves when we saw how  s l o w  it suddenly went when the
         music was added...  If ya want to see everything in a nice speedy,
         just turn off the music.  If ya want to hear the music in full
         quality, we added the mod file separately, so you can play it with
         a tracker or something.  
       * Two weeks after writing this, me, the coder, has some exams... Better
         start studying soon !.. In other words, we can do better than this
         one...  In fact, when releasing On The Mov, already some routines
         got finished for the next demo, so... check out your favourite BBS,
         there's more to come !
       * And finally, a word about the greetz... Most demos nowadays have a
         LONG greetz list, we don't...  We think it's something stupid to
         copy the greeting list from another demo like Second Reality or
         Crystal Dreams II... So, we just greet the groups from which we
         have seen something... Sorry for all the others, but we're fairly
         new to the scene...  Trying to change that !

Some Personal Messages from Pointer to...

* Hendrik Decruyenaere : Don't get depressed !
* Binary Slave : So, whatcha think ?  If ya want some deal, write a msg !
* Vogue/Triton : Changed your greetz list yet ?  In case ya missed my last 
                 letter, we are NOT the SpaceRacers anymore !  :)
* The Black Design Crew : You'd do me a great favour if ya gave me some 
                info on your bus trip you're doing to the ASM 94 !
* Philip Vanneste : Eh... ooit komt die modeloplossing-bespreking er hoor...

Here's short how to contact us :

 Digital House                    Or Write to 'Digital House' on
 Sterreweg 38                     MultiNet II   +32/(0)50-36-33-96
 B-8520 Kuurne                    or on various other bbs's (see endscreen)

 E-Mail : peersber@kulak.ac.be
 CDN.4All: Digital House       (..)

Well, that's it I guess, see you soon in another..

                         DiGiTaL hOuSe

production...                                                   Pointer.
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