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a very long precalc by Contraz [web]

" a Very Long Precalc "

by Contraz

code: Accede/Contraz & Dah Beep
music: Whiskas/Donut Fetish
256*256 textures that are scaled down to 32*32 8bit, 
then converted to 24bit and truecolor-scaled up to
256*256 and converted to 8bit: Cheetah/ephidrena
objects: Thumbz/Dah Beep
Contraz C2P-OS by: Skjeggspir, Brekke, Nightraver etc.

15bit truecolor (Ham7) 1x1
Everything with texture mapping + gouraud shade.

Unofficially realeased at probably worst party ever
arranged; TG (98)
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