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Radical Rhythms Chapter 6: The Dawn of a New Age by Radical Rhythms

  Welcome to Radical Rhythms Chapter 6 - The Dawn Of A New Age

  If you want to experience the full Chapter 6, you must copy the content
  of all five archives into one directory, for example 'C:\CHAPTER6'.
  But you can also just install disk 1 and one up to four of the other
  archives - you will just not be able to listen to all songs. If you
  have already 16PLAY or another DMF-player capable of 16-bit samples you
  can replay all songs without the files in archive of disk 1.
  Nevertheless, complete installation is highly recommended!

  Radical Rhythms Chapter 6 distribution files:

  RR_CH6-1.ZIP SVGA-shell, information texts, X-Play 2.99á
  RR_CH6-2.ZIP \
  RR_CH6-3.ZIP   \  25 DMFs with a size over 9 MB
  RR_CH6-4.ZIP   /  each archive about 1,3 MB
  RR_CH6-5.ZIP /

  So you harddisk will be some kind of full - but we did not use an
  installer this time, so after downloading and unpacking you have the stuff
  at once without delay (bad luck for Ray and his installer).

  If you encounter problems with the SVGA-shell, please report them to
  us, and an update will follow. In this case use the well-known X-Play in
  a new beta version.

  All for the beginning, enjoy this largest techno and house music disk ever
  released in the PC-scene. Keep the vibe alive...


  If you want to contact Radical Rhythms try this...

  Daniel Marcial
  Humboldtstr. 13
  44137 Dortmund
  Phone: +49-231-143107 (from April the 5th)
  fidonet: Daniel Marcial@2:2444/2001.38
  aquanet: Daniel Marcial@139:4921/10.42
  usenet:  cannibal@crusader.donut.ruhr.de

  I would like to thank all the people who made this release possible,
  especially Code-X/D-Lusion.

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