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Elysian by Logicoma [web]

elysian by logicoma
ferris x h0ffman x wobble
TRSAC 2016

Produced with copious amounts of iron oxide, deep-fried with rocket fuel harvested from the lunar surface,
sliced to bits live by our special sabre, and finally kkrunched to a fine powder.

Special thanks to blueberry for tool inspiration/help, emoon for the custom rocket editor and support,
polynomial for on-site cooling expertise, kusma for rubber-duck DOF debugging, and of course, the TRSAC
orga's for a fantastic party. This wouldn't have been possible without you!

This should run smoothly on most modern GPU's, including notebook class chips. We spent a lot of time
working on perf and this thing appears to outperform most modern intros of a similar calibre. So don't
be afraid to actually run the damn thing realtime instead of watching on youtube. :)

See you at Revision!


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 . Brainstorm
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 . Snorpung
 . Ümlaüt Design
 . bitFlavour
 . Andromeda Software Development
 . Conspiracy
 . Farbrausch
 . Plastic
 . MFX
 . Traction
 . Northern Dragons
 . Trailer Park Demos
 . Gravity
 . TBC
 . Loonies
 . Portal Process
 . Kvasigen
 . Nazareth Creations (fucking lamers)
 . PlayPsyCo
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 . Shitfaced Clowns
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 . Darklite
 . The Black Lotus
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 . Poo-Brain
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