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The Intra Christmas Sing-Along by Intra

Welcome to yet another delightful product from Intra.

Here's how it all began:
Spot originally came up with the idea for a sing-along.  I had never
seen a demo with a sing-along before, and doubted if we would do that
type of demo.  Then, later on, Fornax suggested we do a Christmas demo.
I remembered Spot's idea, and here it is:  The Intra Christmas Sing-Along.

All demo code is either Quick-Basic, C with inline or pure assembler
and the music library,  BWSB, has been programmed by Edward Schlunder;
100% assembler.  This demo requires a 386 processor to actually work,
but a good 486 (ie. DX4/100) for it to actually look like a demo.
It also requires a sound card.

You also need some amount of Expanded Memory (EMS) for the demo to
work.  How much?  About 1 megabyte should be sufficient.  As for
conventional memory, a good 600K should be OK.  It has not been tested
with less than 620K available.  It works well under Windows 95, but
it has not been tested under other Operating Systems...

Upon selection of the sound card, the demo will autodetect all the
settings, (address, IRQ and DMA) will use the highest replay rate your
card can provide, and will take over your computer from there.  You can
hit ESCape at any point while the sing-along is in progress to stop it,
and return to the main menu.

Notes of interest:

- We didn't use Solitaire's music, which was a remix of JingleBells,
  because I didn't have time to code the technoish intro with a Christmas

- We wanted to release this demo in time for Christmas, so a few things
  had to be left out.  (ie:  we only have three songs)

- We started the demo Saturday the 21st, and finished it Monday the 23rd.
  Cyclone, Bishop and Solitaire came over to my place.  It was a cool
  weekend. :)

- The effects during the sing-along were taken from another demo I made;
  this one for my school's Christmas show.  If you ever have an opportunity
  to make a demo for a Christmas show, DO IT!  It is worth it.  The crowd
  of about 600-700 LOVED IT!  Of course, they had never seen a demo before,
  but that's beside the point.  :)

Questions?  Comments?  Recipes for blueberry muffins?  Send them
all to us!  Check the Intra.txt file for information on contacting us.
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