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Malf*cktion by Byterapers [web]

                      ,xXXXX  $$$$$$            `^4XXXXXx,
                      XXXXXX  $$$$$$               `XXXXXX
                     XXXXXXX  l$$$$$                 XXXXXX
                    :XXXXX'   l$$$$$  ____           `XXXXX:
                    lXXXXX    :$$$$$$$$$$$$iix,_      XXXXXl
                   :XXXXXl    :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$i,    lXXXXX:
                   lXXXXX:     $$$$$l`   `"4$$$$$$:   :XXXXX:
                   :XXXXXl     $$$$$l       l$$$$$l   lXXXXX:
                 .  lXXXXX     l$$$$$:      l$$$$$l  :XXXXXl
                 .  :XXXXX,    l$$$$$:      l$$$$$l  lXXXXX: :
            .    .   XXXXXXi   :$$$$$l___,xi$$$$$$: .XXXXXX .:
            .    ::   XXXXXXXl :$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$7' ,iXXXXX  ::
            :  ..:::. `7XXXXXX  $$$$$$$$$$$77\^` .xXXXXX7' ::::  :
         ...::::::::::. `7XXXX_______________,,xiXXXXX7' .::::::.:... .    h7
   ---------------------- `7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7' ----------------------
   % B Y T E R A P E R S %   `"/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\"`   % B Y T E R A P E R S %
   ----------------------------  ```^^^/\^^^```   ---------------------------


 "Malf*cktion", also known as Malfucktion. Winner at the Assembly 2016 Oldschool demo compo.

 This is very very very very very much unfinished and unpolished compo version. Deadlines.

 Final and more polished "sugar turd" version coming MAYBE someday. Also win32 is possible.


 Xwd     ... Code
 Roz     ... Soundtrack
 Mikron  ... Whipping, Design, Bullying, Master-at-arms
 Bracket ... Graphics and Design (leased from Dekadence for 5$)
 Extra Credit

 Bera    ... Demoengine parts and recycled effects.

 Special thanks to Rez, Urs, Branch and Haohmaru for being such a adoring fans!


 A lot of (b) members can be contacted if you know how.
 Some can be contacted even if you don't know the way of exploding fist.

 If needed in case of emergency, interest, or beer that you would like 
 to share, one could try to use information superhighway technology gadgets

 Visit the byterapers web pages at http://www.byterapers.com

 ::::::.  ` __::__ '  .::::::::
 ::::::::::\ `--' /::::::::::::
 Do. Or do not. There is no try 

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