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trem muls by Retro A.C. [web]

        Trem muls - disk 1
             (boat leaves in 6«h party edit)
        public: retro_a_c_::the_party_9();

        Programming..... M.Sir‚n
        Graphics........ M.Schulman
        Graphics........ J.Saarinen
        Soundtrack...... J.Manninen aka mellow-d/fm.tpolm

        additional hellos to:
            M.Pasula aka droid.................. xblur stuff help'n'code
            T.Tamminen aka therion.............. orig. fd tunnel code

            Great thanks to J.Turpeinen aka knoll for spiritual
            support. I hope he didn't get pissed when I didn't
            go to tp9 bustrip preparty to H„meenlinna with him
            because of this demo. No he's sleeping there on the
            floor and air in this tiny closed room is hot and steamy
            and very thick... Thanks man!

        We are using mellow-d's trem muls soundtrack from the disk plus
        with his exclusive and personal permission.
        We are going to take it upon our selves to make a demo for all
        the song's in disk and disk plus by md. How ever we are not going
        to make a demo for te-2rb, because tpolm has already done that.
        If you are sick twisted weirdo you can consider it as the disk 2.
        As this demo was disk 1. And number two comes after number one.
        And it's five minutes to four in the morning. It's christmas eve
        actually. I just gotta wank and go to sleep.

        signed. McGregory of U.S of A
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