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Sugar Smash by CRTC

Sugar Smash

A "demake" of a popular free-to-play mobile game, for the BBC Master

How to run

Load the SSD image file into a real BBC Master computer (by transferring
to a floppy disk, or other storage medium of your choice) and press
Shift+BREAK. The game will then load a sideways ROM image into bank
4. Once this is done, pressing Shift+BREAK again will start the game.

The game can also be run in an emulator, e.g. jsbeeb:


Choose "From example or local" from the "Discs" drop-down menu and then
run as above (F12 is typically mapped to BREAK).

How to play

Match groups of three colours (horizontally or vertically) by swapping
sweets. Get rid of "jelly" tiles (those with a brighter background and
bevels) to win levels. Firmer jellies need to be exploded twice.

There is a status display at the bottom of the screen that shows the
number of moves you have left for the current level, the number of
jellies you have left to remove, and your score.

Several special kinds of sweet can be created by matching four or five
in a row, or by making horizontal and vertical matches simultaneously:

 * Horizontal stripe: match four sweets horizontally. These will remove a
   whole row when they are triggered by including them in a subsequent

 * Vertical stripe: match four sweets vertically. These remove a whole
   vertical column when triggered. You can swap any two striped sweets
   to produce bigger explosions.

 * Wrapped sweet: match three horizontal and three vertical sweets at
   once. These remove a 3x3 block of sweets when triggered.

 * Colour bomb: these are formed from runs of five horizontal or vertical
   coloured sweets. Swap with an adjacent coloured sweet to explode all
   sweets of that colour.

Additionally you will encounter:

 * Ice cream swirl -- this cannot be swapped with another piece, but
   will disintegrate if an explosion takes place next to it
   (horizontally or vertically).

 * Caged sweets: these cannot be swapped with other sweets, but can form
   part of a matched row, which will then remove the cage on exploding.

There are about nine levels I think. When you get to the end, you get
to play the last level again, forever! Lucky you.

Credits, etc.

This has been made in a hurry by puppeh of CRTC, for the Sundown 2016
demo party.

 * Code: 99% GCC-compiled C (65C02 target).
 * Graphics: pixelled in grafx2.
 * Sound: magical beeping controlled by the standard MOS envelope routines.

(It's not complete or terribly much fun, or in fact a game at all
really. Sorry about that! Maybe I'll try to improve it a bit some time,
but no promises!)

- Puppeh, July 17 2016.
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