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Έτη πολλα! by KÜA software productions

KšA software productions present:

Eti polla

Source actually written on the guest
book of a christening I attended today.
I thought, instead of the usual boring
wishes why not spice things up a bit?
(the rasters were a last minute
inspiration - and I managed not to make
a single smudge on the book. Although
my handwriting leaves a lot to be
desired ;))

It ran first time correctly when I
typed it at home - actually running the
assembled code to check for correctness
is for the weak! Although size
optimisations suffered a bit for this.
Anyway, I guess this makes it the first
impromptu Atari ST wishtro?:)

Design, code, blabla,
      by GGN in 15th May 2016.

Best wishes to Cathy again <3.

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