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uribin by b-state

 b - s t a t e :: u r i b i n :: 0 x 7 e 0

 party version


 runs on p133 but you need at least p200mmx for visual satisfaction.
 celeron300a for new level jump, p2-450 for unstoppable orgasms (er :)

 32mb of ram should be enough (afaik)

 requires vbe 2.0 compatible videocard with lfb. no lfb - no demo (sorry)
 univbe is your enemy (though it works ;), s3vbe20 is your friend.

 [640 x 350/400/480 8bpp] indeed.

 any squeaking device should work (except covox and pc-speaker :)

 pmode\w   by tran'n'daredevil
 ims 0.6   by niklas beisert

 works even under mustdie9x (but not under win200\xp)
 should work under dosbox, set cycles=300000.

 wbcbz7 -> 3o.o4.2o16 -> mf2o16
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