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Saturne Party 4 Invitation by Saturne [web]

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             W H E N   ?
 The Saturne Party 4 will start on
 Friday, 1st of November 1996 at 10:00am
 and will end on Sunday, 3rd of November
 at 2:00pm.

             W H E R E   ?
 This demo-party will be held in France,
 at Chelles, a town situated at about
 15kms East from Paris.

 Very easy to reach, important and free

 Address of the party place:

     Centre Culturel de Chelles
     place des Martyrs de Chateaubriant
     77500 Chelles

 The main room can welcome more that
 1,000 people and offers a lot of
 facilities like WC, showers and public
 phones at the nearby.

 There'll be another room, silent and
 confortable, for sleeping (don't forget
 your sleeping bag !).

 A bar will be open 24 hours a day with
 sandwiches, pizzas, sodas, etc. at very
 low prices.

 An information-point will try to answer
 all your questions and problems during
 the party. You could also bring demos
 or others to be seen on the giant
 screen there.

 A local computer dealer will be present
 to offer you all needed peripherals and
 materials (disks, hard drives, cd-rom
 drives, etc.) at quite nice prices.

        T H E   P R I Z E S   ?
 The entrance fee is 120 FF (for all 3

Only french currencies will be accepted.

                Free for girls !!!

50% of all entrance fees will go for
the competitions.

   T H E   C O M P E T I T I O N S   ?
 Amiga Demos:
A1200, accel. card with at 68030 at
50MHz, 8Mb of Fast.

 PC Demos:
Pentium 120MHz, 8Mb of ram, Soundblaster
or Gravis sound card, max. video
resolution is 640x480.

 64Kb Intros:
All the same than for demos, but file is
limited to 64Kb. One competition for
both PC and Amiga !!!

2 separated competitions : drawing and
Drawing : max. resolution is 640x512
with 256 colors.
Raytracing : max. resolution is 640x512
with 16M colors.

 Music :
Module with 4 to 32 voices, all file
formats accepted by Cubic Player
(Protracker, XM, S3M, etc.)

 Wild Compo :
All machines (Falcon, SGI, etc.) and
videos (VHS, S-VHS)

 - All people present at the party place
 could vote for all competitions.

 - You'll be asked to vote right after
 each competition.

 - There'll be 3 winners in each
competition, all winning a proportionnal

 - amount of cash depending on the
 number of people present.

       E X T R A C T S   F R O M
          T H E   R U L E S   !
 All competitors have to be present at
 the party place.

 Only one demo and one intro per coder.

 Only one picture per artist.

 Only one module per musician.

 There could be selections for all
 competitions, made by the organisers.

 All productions will be spreaded right
 after the competitions, even if they
 have not been selected.

 You are entirely responsible of all
 your materials !

 All illegal software are forbidden !

 Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not
 allowed inside the party place !

 All trouble makers will be immediately
 expulsed out of the party place !

 Don't bring up a big hifi, you'd be
 asked you to shut it down !

 Cooking is not allowed inside the party
 place !

        S A T U R N E ' S
    " E X C L U S I V E S "   !
 Giant screen : 6m x 4.5m

 Professionnal hifi equipment

 Network games competitions
 (Duke Nukem 3D...)

 Dancing girls

 Great animations and ambient !

 Some professionnals will be present too
 and will certainely search for
 talented people.

 A CD-Rom containing all the productions
 released at the party will be avaiable
 about one week after it for 99,-FF
 (booking possible at the party place)

-- Starting today, a fabulous intro-
invitation competition ! Realize an
intro on the machine you want, with ALL
the present text file included in
(english AND french versions). Then,
send it to us before the 1st October,
last limit. Winners will receive their
wonderful prize during the party, it's
not a part of those 50% entrance fees.
No restrictions, no boring rules...
... Just be creative and original !

   H O W   T O   R E A C H
      T H E   P L A C E   ?
 By plane :
From Roissy-Charlles De Gaulle or Orly
airports, take a bus to the East Station
(Paris), then follow the "By train"

 By train :
From all stations in Paris, but East
Station, take the subway to the East
Station. From the East Station, take a
train to "Chelles-Gournay", then follow
the signs to the "Saturne Party"
(5 minutes walk).

 By car :
From Lille (Belgium, Holland), take the
A1 Higway to "Paris". Follow the A104
one to "Metz/Nancy", then go out at
Chelles and follow the signs. From Metz
/Nancy (Germany), take the A4 Highway to
"Paris". Follow the A104 one to "Lille",
then go out at Chelles and follow the
signs. From Bordeaux (Spain), take the
A10 Highway to "Paris". Follow the A104
one to "Lille", then go out at Chelles
and follow the signs. From Lyon (Italy,
Switzerland), take the A6 Highway to
"Paris". Follow the A104 one to "Lille",
then go out at Chelles and follow the

           Intro-invit staff :

     Code       : Octo

     Gfx        : Moxica / Voxel

     Music      : Cafard

     3D Objects : Ibis

     Swapp      : Heinz / Tetsuo / Vodka

Best regards to the french magazine
PC Team for spread it

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