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Repotuli by Extream

		Happy new year intro, 2016
		   - Northern lights -
		   by Emphii / Extream

I decided to release this screen separately, 'coz compared to my
other screenprojects, this screen hasn't common future with them.

What you can see here:
- winter scenery from Koli national park at Finland
- *surprise* scroller
- simple northern lights-effect.
  Green only, since it's the most common colour and due to cpu-time.
  There is also some clearing issues

I would like to thank following people:
 - My family, wife and children.
 - Also every other people, I know - sceners or not.
 - Special mention for Evl/DHS for commenting my VGA questions.

Technical details:
The intro runs on:
- plain Atari Falcon 030 / 4Mb / RGB/TV and VGA
  * On VGA it runs at least in two vbls
- HAtari 1.8.0 & 1.9.0

Coding:	Emphii / Extream, 2/2015-1/2016

Graphics: Erkki P÷ytΣniemi, 2010
          Vuodenvaihde Kolilla

Fonts: Iconian fonts, Action man

Music: Emphii / Extream, 15.11.1993
       Enjoying Happyness

DSP-player: BITmASTER / TCE, 1999
            improved by Evl/DHS & Earx/FUN

Based on modified demosystem by Evl/DHS

Sincerely Yours,
		 Emphii / Extream
		 Finland, 2016
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