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VBARS demo version 1.0

Enclosed in this archive is the demo executable, this text-file and the
source-code (FASMW-ZX was used).

The idea of the demo is simple, and has been done on other platforms several
times. Simply put: the graphics is only one line worth of hires data, drawn
repeatedly down the screen, data is added to the line along the way.
This creates an effect of vertical bars, which would take way too much memory
and CPU-cycles to draw in a straight-forward way.

I wanted to make this in only 1k, as that is the common ground for all

I've tested this version to work on:
- EightyOne emulator, 1k or 16k RAM, PAL or NTSC, WRX
- ZX81 with internal 16k WRX RAM and 8k UDG at 8192, PAL
- ZX81 (bad internal memory) and ZXpand, PAL
Sorry, I do not have a working unexpanded ZX81...

It should work on any unexpanded ZX81, or with memory expansion that is WRX-

Enjoy the show, and be inspired by the source-code!

2015-10-21, Adam Klotblixt (NollKollTroll)
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