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NOCNOC by Noice [web]

Release info
Name: NOCNOC/Noice
Platform: MSX2
Release Date: 2015-08-22
Release Party: Gerp 2015
Code: Shadow/Noice
Graphics: Rocket/Noice
Music: Yerzmyey/AY-Riders

History behind this demo
I was working on another demo for Gerp, realized Monday evening that I would
never be able to finish in time. Instead I started coding for the MSX2 for the
first time, struggled a bit with getting to terms with the V9938 but finally
managed to  finish this little intro or whatever it is on Wednesday...
For the rest of the reasoning, read the scroller!

Thanks to
The people on msx.org forum.
OpenMSX emulator team - without the VDP debugger I probably never would have
been able to finish this in time!

Contact info
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