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Dreamwave by Deus Ex Machina [web] & Pragma

                             - DREAMWAVE -
       (dreamwave.exe)partyversion (synched) + final.exe(not synched but sound works in win2k + faster <g>)!

          Okey.. After a couple of days coding from scratch and
           fooling around with design etc , plus fighting with
               players and optimizing we bring you dreamwave.
               Its a coop between Pragma and Deus Ex Machina
                and made in a big hurry (didnt i just say?;)

                           okey.. how to use use:
                      dreamwave.exe results in fullscreen
                  dreamwave.exe -w results in windowed, DARA!

               it uses 640x480x32 and is badly speed optimized.

                    It Requires Directx7 or newer..... PLUS
                it wont run under NT systems, includes win2000 ;(
                                 (final.exe does :)

                          Ehrm... Shall we talk some AI stuff in it?
                  Okey... Sometimes it comes sounds that might sound like
                      mariobrothers samples.. its not.. its just a 
                        funny joke frome Firelight multimedia ;P
                                  (Gone in final.exe)

                               so... who did this shit, honestly?
                       coding was done by lator/dxm and he also used some
                              pretty old code from carrion/dxm (buu)
                        and graphics + texgenfilters was made by mind/dxm
                        and the truddelutt (song) was made by andyk/pragma

                           contact dxm by browsing in www.dxmachina.org
                               and pragma by saying hello on irc ;)

       (dreamwave.xe)partyversion (synched) + final.exe(not synched but sound works in win2k + faster <g>)!

                                         pampers - DREAMWAVE - pampers
                                               DET KÄNNS TRYGGT!
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