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Gagrakacka Mind Zones by Disaster Area [web]

"Gagrakacka Mind Zones"
Amiga 500 
#1 oldskool demo @ Flashback 2015

Music - cTrix
Graphics - iLKke, AnimalBro
Code - ript

Not-quite-so-extreme party version.

Requires A500 or better, minimum 512k chipram / 512k slowram.

Come to Syntax 2015 and try to beat Conjuror!  13th November, Melbourne, Australia!

Some words from ript:

So quite some time before Flashback, I thought I'd put together another A500 demo.  Had seen some nice looking copperchunky a couple of years ago from people like Dodke and Britelite, and thought I'd have a go at it too.  Almost bit off more than I could chew, but ended up with something I was pretty happy with.

Couple of weeks before the party, enter cTrix, iLKke and AnimalBro - holy shit, what a good combo!  There was this great moment where I realised after adding all their stuff that shit just got real =)   Damn, the drawback there is you kinda have to do justice to what you've been given and start polishing things up.

So we got to the party, and I compelled myself to partycode this bitch into submission.... Really only ended up fixing/tweaking/breaking shit/fixing it again for ages, but here is where we ended up.

This release version is only slightly different from the party version.

	- there was a broken music loop some 30 secs after the demo, it just quits now (or crashes, same deal I guess)
	- a couple of palette flashes were fixed up a bit
	- other minor stuff.
	- might have Stringray compliant startup code.  Apparently that's a thing.

Still a few annoying glitches in there, etc, but we're done now unless someone genuinely cares.

Had a great party - massive thanks and respek to the defamers and onslaughters organising it, was an excellent setup and they put in some seriously hard work to get it going for us all.  Double greets to Krion, his reaction to this demo made it supremely worth it =)

Some thoughts from cTrix:

Greets to all my scene & chip crew around the globe!  

I had a great time on the tune with this one - I'll be releaseing an extended version of it later in the year I reakon :-)   Rad times working along side Ilkke, Animalbro and (of course) ript.  Not much more for me to say except come to Syntax Demoparty, etc.  Will hopefully be back at Flashback next year with some more chaos for you all.   Take care until then!  And remember... Ammmiiiigggaaaaaa

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