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Endo by Epoch [web]

Endo by Epoch
Epoch demo for PC demo competition at Simulaatio 2015.

"Not AS rushed this time!"

Couldn't quite keep our promises though. Originally there wasn't supposed to be a simu
laatio demo at all, but hey, things happen.

A quickprod made for the most part less than a week, remixing some technology from our
previous productions. Probably not too worth viewing at resolutions beyond 720p, there
simply isn't much detail there, and fillrate starts to get pretty limiting at 1080p.

sm..........  main code, direction, design
noby........  music, main direction, additional code
dysposin....  graphics, design

aspekt, peisik, kewlers, mfx, g-incorporated, adinpsz, cluster, gluster, flo, pants^2,
mog, wdm, hackers, traction, adapt, mercury, byterapers,

"May god have mercy on us..."
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