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Peisik by Tarhatarha [web]

peisik by branch^tarhatarha

originally js1k.com 2015-hypetrain entry

Should work in all major new browsers. I've done couple of javascript intros before, but this is my first one at js1k.com. So this production mostly consists of a fragment shader program that does most of the visual presentation. I tried to make a shader initializer that is a bit smaller than what I've seen before. 

The name was chosen as a sign of respect to the demoscene group Peisik. 

Like PauloFalcao, Bernard of Chartres and many others have said before this was possible by standing on the shoulders 
of giants: 
Shader Minifier - http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=55176 
jscrush - http://www.iteral.com/jscrush/  
btw. I'm at the moment looking for a job.
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