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Quadtrip Planet Reconfigurator by Quadtrip

quadtrip planet reconfigurator
a demo for windows

code: mankeli + visy
design: visy + zov
music: zov
gfx: bracket
3d: spiikki

uses text shader from xtibor
uses gnu rocket for sync and animation
uses sfml, tinyobjloader and libbass for gfx + sound
code based on chocolux source code

once again heavily depending on feedback artifacts to engage
a more chaotic and unpredictable result. 

unlike some programmers we don't really care about some things 
being out of our control, as long as our level of control is at 
least sufficient to produce something that evolves with its glitchy 
quirks as composition layers are added. just because you enjoy that 
something is clean, separate and reproducible means that it is even 
necessary for other types of demo programming methods. in short,
there's no wrong way to do this, as long as the end result is what the
authors intended and wanted it to be. everything else is a matter of

greetings to all cool democreators & our friends around the world.
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