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Things by Razmaid

THINGS - my little contribution for NAID 1996 intro compo..

    This intro didn't compete for the intro compo, we put it in the demo compo
    just to release it. The NAID organisers didn't put the deadline in the 
    NAID 1996 internet web homepage so many people, other than me didn't know
    anything and didn't compete for the intro compo. This is a BIG mistake they
    made this year but anyway.. The party itself was good but the mistake they
    made was major.. Anyway, some things have to be fixed for next edition..
    Anyway, we didn't have time to put our phong shading (not totally finished)
    and texture mapping (which is not optimized yet, 3 days are not enough to do
    all of this) and I don't feel like finishing them right now but for next 
    year. :) Another thing which was bad about NAID is the music compo.. They
    discarded most of the songs to keep 20 songs. Most of the 20 songs were 
    poored than the discarded ones. Last major thing to mention, the compos 
    were not prepared: forgot DOS4GW.EXE for Cubic Player, compos were delayed 
    (about 30 mins), etc.. Anyway enough words about the NAID.. 

    I am not responsible of any damages caused to your system by this
    program. It has been tested and should work fine but if something
    happen, don't blame anyone but you..

    You are allowed to copy and use this intro for personal use. Commmercial
    use or paying for this intro is absolutely not allowed. You are allowed
    to put this intro in a CD-ROM but you MUST send me a copy of this CD-ROM
    to the address written at the end of this infofile.

    I decided to write a little intro because at NAID 1995, there were only
    2-3 intros ready on time for the compo.. Since it was coded in 3 days
    the code is not very optimized.. Another thing is: it is written for FAST
    computer with FAST video card. I didn't have any intention to compete for
    a place, just to release something for fun.

    Pentium(tm) processor
    Fast PCI VGA card
    A Gravis Ultrasound or Sound Blaster sound card (optional)

    -sx     Set Sound Device to x (1 = GUS  2 = SB  3 = NONE)
    -pxxx   Set I/O port to xxx (hex)
    -ix     Set IRQ to x
    -dx     Set DMA channel to x
    -mxxxx  Set mixing rate to xxxx hz
    -oxxx   Output mode (8 = 8-bit  1 = 16-bit  s = stereo  m = mono)

    The intro itself:  +- 20k  the midas sound player  (in the EXE)
                       +- 20k  the 3D objects (in the EXE)
                       +- 21k  main code (in the EXE)
                       +- 39k  the music file (S3M)

code by HYBRID(razmaid) - music by DEEP STAR
thanks to VCHI(razmaid) for some of the objects
This intro uses MIDAS Sound System by Petteri Kangaslampi and Jarno Paananen.

    white wizard, deecee, nomis, slum-dweller, balrog, jaydee, plush, furb,
    furb's girlfriend, the veritech knight, sky knight, rancid, kzanax,
    doomz, melanie, marie-claude, gilbert, yannick, jean-sebastien, deep star,
    jean-remi, jean-pierre, marie-chantale, emy, marie-snoop, nathalie,
    rancid, shadow, kim, karine, erica, zed, black shade, une, silverthorne,
    the extremist, kolz, young, krynos and the rest i forgot..

 via mail: Albert Dang-Vu  (a.k.a. Hybrid)
           4945 De Thorigny
           Charlesbourg, Qu‚bec
           G1H 4M1  (CANADA)

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