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Future Decay

Future Decay

4k Procedural Graphics for TRSAC party 2014

Party version tested on Win7 gtx760
and HD7970. Should work on most systems but
the shader is big with a long compile and render
time so older cards and low-end cards will timeout.
The low quality version might work on low end cards.

If it does not run on your computer you can
view the png image in the folder or it can also
be seen at this link :- http://i.imgur.com/LOWMqAZ.jpg

Code by Drift
Packed with Crinkler 1.4

Big thanks to Blueberry and Mentor for
sharing their amazing packing tool.

This started as an animated scene from a demo and it just
became too complex and slow so I decided to make
it a static image because I liked the image.
Would probably run around 30 fps with some optimisation.

Compo filler I guess.
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